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Civil Society Forum on Drug Policy

The Civil Society Forum on Drugs meets at least once a year and serves as a platform for informal exchanges of views and information between the Commission and civil society organisations. Membership is for a period of two years and at present 26 organisations are members of the Civil Society Forum.
The overall objective of the forum is to feed specific grass-roots experience into future Commission proposals, but also into the work to monitor the EU action plan on drugs (2005-08) and prepare the new action plan (2009-12).

It is the first time that the European Commission has involved NGOs in a process of reflection and counselling on the development of European strategies and action plans in the addiction field. Euro-TC has been chosen as member of this body out of numerous applicants, all international European networks. We see our role in promoting the role of treatment as stabilizing factor for demand but also for supply reduction and prevention of drug related harm.


We are happy to confirm that euro-TC was selected as member of the Civil Society Forum on Drug Policy in the EU again for 2015-2017.





Latest Events

November 2nd to 4th, 2017 International Conference Toledo in cooperation with Projecto Hombre Castilla la Mancha

Best Practices Making Treatment More Efficient

 Final Program:






Family Constelation Seminar Plehan/Bosnia Herzogvina - in TZ "Izvor" from 16th-17th May, 2017


Trogir Conference: "Challenges in the field of addiction - do we have the right answers?"

10 - 12 oct 2016

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